Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO

Remember!!!!! A website is not like advertising on television where you can splash your advertisement in front of peoples eyes. With a website, your customers are looking for you and are doing so by typing in keywords into a search engine and all search engines use different methods to find your site. If your site isn't fully optimised to cater for all the different search engines, your customer won't find your site. We want your website on the first page of a search. Getting your website there depends on your website being optimized and your competitions website optimization and ranking with the search engines. Website promotion is a critical part of any website developement strategy. It is all to do with how your site ranks on the internet and making sure that your potential customers can find you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is all the behind the scenes work that a web master/web designer does that is crucial for your website ensuring it ranks well with the search engines. Carefully placed keywords and key phrases will be used throughout your website which will boost your ranking with the big search engines such as Alta Vista, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Google etc. as will the use of Meta tags.You can be sure that every page on your website will be optimised for the search engines. All search engines use different methods to rank sites and it is important that your web designer does everything possible to optimise your site for all of them.

Did you know that the majority of initial web site visits initiate from search engines? 70% of web traffic comes from searches! In order to achieve a consistently high position in the important engines and directories your web site must be optimized.

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial factor in the success of a web site.  The Optimization Phase includes; research, development and management of the targeted keywords and keyword phrases, creation of meta tags, and the application of a variety of techniques thereby making your pages more visible to the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is not limited to my existing client base, new clients who would like their existing web sites optimized are welcome. 

Some of the basic steps to Optimizing your web site?

Meta Research The keywords used to describe your web site will be thoroughly researched to insure that you are using the right words - meta tags should contain carefully selected key words and phrases for each page you are submitting to the search engines.  

Meta Rich Content Each page should contain approximately 2,000 words describing your service/product.  Your text will be enriched to include the keywords and phrases.

Page Techniques In order to prove to the search engine spiders that your web site is relevant to the meta tags submitted, several techniques will be applied to your pages.  The graphics that make your page visually appealing will not only interest & entice the visitors, but they will entice the search engines after they are encoded with alternate image tags. Heading tags made up of your keywords/phrases will be added to your content.

Content Pages These keyword/key phrase specific optimized pages are designed to rank well with the Search Engines. The goal of content pages is utilizing more valuable content within the crawlable pages of a Web site. It must make high usage of the keywords and key phrases. 



Complete 6 Month SEO Package
We have 6 months SEO package where we try to cover unlimited keywords .
Services we will do

1) Complete on page Optimization
2) Creation of new pages within website and articles to cover more and more keyword range
3) Creation of Blogs
4) Creation of several Independent Micro Websites to generate more business and give power to your website
5) Creation of Directories within our promoted websites to generate traffic for you.
6) External Directory Submissions
7) Article Submission
8) Forum Posting

Total Project costing ------------------------------  600 USD