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To promote your business online and to attract new clients, you need effective and valuable web site design solutions at an affordable price. Yoginet India Design can help you by creating, developing and implementing the website package that suits your business needs.

Effectiveness and Functionality

All our design layout solutions are attractive and include high quality graphics and innovative-intuitive navigation components. Our professional web design and development team produce Web sites that are graphically and aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, functional, interactive and fast to load.

Basic Solutions

Step 1: Consultation with our web design and marketing team:

  • To gather information on your company;
  • To discuss your requirements, site goals and objectives;
  • To obtain inputs (text, pictures, etc) to assist you in the planning and the design of the web site.

Step 2: Custom designed web pages:

  • Insertion of e-mail links;
  • Insertion of dynamic navigation buttons;
  • CGI script selected from a list of pre-written scripts available online;
  • Image support and manipulation (logo, pictures, etc.).

Step 3:
Internal site review and testing by our team.

Step 4: Internet previews of your web site during the production phases and incorporation of your comments and feedback.

Step 5: The final version - Web site launching:

  • Approval of the web site final version by your company;
  • Upload to a server of your choice.

Step 6: Promotional services:

  • Free submission of your site to 20 search engines (keyword registration);
  • Free web site maintenance for the first three (3) months. This free post development maintenance program is limited to correcting errors and text and / or re-arranging incorrectly placed images on your pages;
  • Listing on

These basic solutions are offered in various packages designed to suit your needs and budget. Contact us for details.

Need a Web site for your business? The time to get online is now!

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Advanced Solutions

Yoginet India Design offers to the demanding client, a series of advanced services in the areas of multimedia applications, customized graphic designs, eBusiness, customized HTML layout and design projects, and special programming services.

Connect with the world today! Expand your business by selling to foreign markets.

Please visit our Contact us section for details.

Solutions Plus

The Marketing and Promotional Advantage

To capture new markets and attract new customers, a successful promotional campaign should always be included in the release of a new or redesigned web site. To promote and drive viewers to your site, we offer:

  • A standard service to automatically submit your url to 20 search engines;
  • submissions to more search engines are available at additional cost;
  • banner ads to capture viewers and attract traffic to your site.

Promote and sell your products worldwide. Contact us for details.

Domain name registration

At Yoginet India Design, we also offer a domain name registration service designed to market, identify and protect your company on the net.Contact us for details.

Custom Solutions

We would like to hear from you. Please feel free to suggest or to ask us about other web solutions and / or marketing strategies you may need.


Yoginet Design Advantage

Yoginet India specializes in the provision of translation services and multilingual Internet solutions allowing business to reach international audiences in their native languages. Multilingual and localized web sites add enormous value to your abilities to explore foreign markets. Promoting your ideas, products and services in local languages improve the credibility of your message and the image of your organization.
Click one of the links below to read about our services:

  • Foreign Language Translation
  • Web Translation
  • Web Localization
  • Globalization
  • Multilingual Web Design
For more information on our foreign language translation services and multilingual Internet solutions, please visit our Contact us section.

Web Translation

Say it in their language with our multilingual Internet solutions. Take advantage of our professional translation services in having you web site translated in your customer languages.

At Yoginet India Design, we also designed and produced multilingual web site to better connect you with the world. The Web translation solution is the first step of an effective business communication strategy to reach and capture foreign markets.

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Web Localization To be more effective in capturing the essence of a regional market, the content, graphics and layout (look and feel) of a business web site should be culturally adapted to your target audience. Globo Web Design has the human language professionals and web specialist resources to perform this sophisticated process.
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Web translation and Web site localization are two aspects of a process to establish your global presence. At Yoginet India Design, the path to globalization includes:
  • global web content promotion
  • global multilingual marketing
  • internet consulting
  • web planning, development, production, management
  • maintenance and update
  • web language management, maintenance and update; and
  • web branding of your corporate identity.
Our path to globalization will allow your website and communication strategy to take advantage of the global market opportunities and enlarged your client base.

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web design company India

web design company India