MySQL Developer India

MYSQL is a database as other databases like MS Excel,MS-SQL,ORACAL,PL-SQL .MYSQL is free open source database management system .It has good reputation in terms of performance , reliability,and ease of use.MySQL is most popular now a days.

A Database is nothing but storage place to keep things for security and further use. Technologically a database is a place to store information. As information may be of many categories,where it is stored in orderly fashion and can be updated ,searched and modified ,retrieved or delete as many time as user needs.

The Current MYSQL database is made of one or many tables of organized data that can be linked to each other through queries.As all the database uses label at the top of the each column may be you have seen in HTML table or Ms excel. If you are not familiar with database concept stick with me and we’ll explain.

As you have seen the most popular website having a huge amount of data like Facebook,YouTube,Wikipedia.Have you ever thought how they manages their data and users etc? .These and many other site uses MYSQL database to manage their data and user.

MYSQL is sometimes called as “my sequel” .It is officially called as “my-esscue-el”

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